otterbox defender series iphone se case - black

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otterbox defender series iphone se case - black

otterbox defender series iphone se case - black otterbox defender series iphone se case - black otterbox defender series iphone se case - black

otterbox defender series iphone se case - black

7. Dictate an e-mail. If you fancy yourself a master orator, you'll be glad to know that both Google Voice Actions and Siri are adept at taking e-mail and text message dictation. Google Voice Actions didn't listen quite as attentively as Siri, and doesn't look as slick when asking for your approval. However, it mostly kept up. 8. Search the Web. Searching for links and images on the Web was straightforward with both voice recognition engines, and the two delivered identical images for sweet treats from Google's database.

Apple made a big to-do about adding sports scores and Yelp restaurant results as part of its prettily packaged experience, and this works as beautifully as Apple promises when otterbox defender series iphone se case - black you ask Siri directly for results, However, Google Voice Actions is also able to pull down scores, Though they don't look nearly as polished or as extensive, they do float to the top of the results, Thanks to Google's integration of Zagat ratings, it can also supply restaurants, However, results in Google Voice Actions are messier and less satisfying, and you have to scroll down past the promotional links and a map snippet before you see the first of the Zagat ratings, Siri, on the other hand, sorts by Yelp ratings in a cohesive list that's easy on the eye..

On the other hand, Siri faltered on two searches for a new permanent food truck spot in San Francisco. Siri on iOS 5 understood Jessica's better, but didn't deliver the information she needed to find information on the latest slice of foodie heaven. Google's voice engine did; the third link directed her to the right place. Siri on iOS 6 didn't solve the problem either. It returned 15 food trucks in the SOMA area, but didn't know that I was looking for one spot that hosts rotating trucks. 9. Launch a Web site.

In addition to searching, you can also launch a Web site with both, The command to open worked more completely with Google's Voice Actions, which delivered as a link and loaded the site, Siri found CNET's site without any incident, and otterbox defender series iphone se case - black opening it with a tap wouldn't be a problem, but it does seem to take one more step in this test result, 10, Ask: How high is Mt, Whitney?, Siri and Google Voice Actions returned similar information about California's highest peak, so we call this one a draw..

11. Do the math. Similarly, Google's and Siri's voice assistants both solved the test math problem, but Siri wins this round for its more stylish result, and for providing more context up front. Which does more?Google highlights several actions: dictate and send a text, e-mail, or note; listen to music; call a contact or a business (it searches for the business, then connects you;) navigate to a location; view a map; launch a Web site; or search. Siri, on the other hand, has a deeper bag of tricks, like setting reminders and scheduling meetings. iOS 6 gives it the capability to launch apps and kick-start restaurant reservations through OpenTable. It also interacts with you in the same way consistently, helpfully reading out its successes (and failures) with its spoken voice. Google Voice Actions, however, speaks to you sometimes (weather forecasts), then merely lists text results on separate commands (text messages).