official apple iphone xs max leather case - midnight blue

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official apple iphone xs max leather case - midnight blue

official apple iphone xs max leather case - midnight blue official apple iphone xs max leather case - midnight blue

official apple iphone xs max leather case - midnight blue

Level of map detailThroughout these tests, what became clear was that Apple's Maps app was consistently lacking in the details department. While Apple certainly showed an admirable number of clickable restaurant and shop icons on its maps, we liked that Google plotted out the actual names of businesses. This saved us from having to click around on each icon to see exactly what we were looking at. San Francisco's BART stations were also clearly discernible from bus stations in Google Maps, while Apple simply lumped them all together under its generic public transit icons. Interestingly, we even found a BART station missing (Civic Center) from Apple's map. Further, when we enabled Apple's Hybrid view, which includes an overlay of satellite images, almost all of these details disappeared. Google Maps, however, maintains its high level of detail, with or without satellite images enabled.

When we looked up the University of California, San Diego, on both apps, the difference in their levels of detail was immediately apparent, at every zoom level, Apple gave almost no campus information, save for a few major street names, while Google plotted out buildings, dorms, parking lots, fields, and just about everything else on the college campus, So, you official apple iphone xs max leather case - midnight blue can imagine which Maps app would be more helpful to a visiting student or parent, Finally, we took a look at the San Francisco International airport on both apps, and the results were startling, Apple showed nothing but the relative terminal locations, while Google stunned us with plotted out ticket counters, restaurants, shops, Internet access stations, exits, and countless other useful details, We were even able to explore all of the airport's five floors, thanks to Google's Indoor Maps feature, Granted, Google doesn't have this level of indoor data for every building, but it does have coverage of many major airports, shopping centers, hotels, museums, and more, And its list continues to grow..

ConclusionAs you can see, this was really no contest. For local searches of landmarks, level of detail, and even the interface for info windows, Google Maps wins out in every category. It's no secret that Apple is new to the maps game, but the startling lack of detail and inaccurate location information really shows it wasn't ready for prime time. You can bet that over the next couple of weeks Apple will be working furiously to correct the mistakes and add more details, and, as a crowd-sourced maps app, the users will be adding their share of information too. In the end, the Apple Maps app will probably improve over the coming months, but it's clear that Apple has a long way to go to compete on the level of the tried and true Google Maps.

Read part one of this series, in which we test turn-by-turn directions using Apple's Maps app and Google Maps, In part two of our Apple Maps app testing, we decided to perform local searches of landmarks and other locations, and the results were clearly lopsided, Yesterday we performed a field test of the turn-by-turn directions on both the iOS 6 Apple Maps app on the iPad and Google Maps on a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Both fared pretty well with official apple iphone xs max leather case - midnight blue getting us to our destinations, but Google Maps came out on top, As we pointed out yesterday, a number of people have been complaining about the Apple Maps app, from inaccuracies to poor directions..

Though it doesn't flaunt high-tech specs, the T-Mobile Concord has all the essential midrange features for the inexpensive price of $100 and was designed for first-time smartphone users -- if that's what you're into, that is. The T-Mobile Concord is available at Target and Walmart and does not require any carrier contract. Unfortunately, the Concord ships natively with the dated Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Above the Concord are a 3.5mm headphone jack and a sleep/power button. The T-Mobile Concord sports a unique, dark-blue back plate reminiscent of wood grain.