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iphone screen protector uv

That's not to say the iPhone doesn't have a few issues. Its lack of physical buttons and that smaller screen began to feel cramped compared with the latest handhelds from Nintendo and Sony. Physical buttons or no, the screen of many iPhone games can become riddled with virtual, cluttered button dashboards. Some elegant games bypass this, but many don't. How does the iPhone 5 compare as a gaming handheld? It's the best Apple's ever had, but it may be the best any phone maker's ever made, too. Screen: size and shapeThe iPhone 5 has a big thing going for it: a larger, longer screen. Sure, it's not Android big. However, it's the length that matters. That 16:9 new screen finally matches the aspect ratio of an HDTV, and that means that games in landscape mode finally look right.

It also iphone screen protector uv means that your thumbs do, indeed, have more room, When playing games like FIFA 13 and Galaxy on Fire 2, both of which use a lot of onscreen buttons, those controls get pushed off more to the sides, leaving a bigger chunk of screen real estate uncluttered, It's unnerving at first; if you've played a lot of iPhone games like I have, your thumbs will freak out at the extra room, You won't have a clear sense of where the edges are, But, once you get used to it, the controls seem even more instinctive, In FIFA 13, I found myself making shots and passing efficiently, even without physical buttons to feel for, That might be because the edges of the screen are pushed out, making it harder for your thumbs to accidentally slide off and hit off-screen..

Galaxy on Fire 2 had similar advantages. The extra room in the middle that isn't obstructed by your fingers isn't as massive as you'd think, but that extra half-inch or so amounts to a more normal-feeling field of view in virtual button-happy games. For more-minimal interfaces like in the game Lili, the impact's even stronger. Other games, like platformers or endless runners, offer more visibility (see Jetpack Joyride, above). The iPhone 5's 4-inch screen isn't as large as the screen on the PlayStation Vita (5 inches), but it finally feels like a real gaming handheld versus a phone you're playing games on. It's not as big as most typical Android phones, either, but it's more compact to hold.

Going verticalVertically, the iPhone 5 isn't quite as ideal for games, Titles like Spelltower now have more rows of tiles, but one-handed games are a little harder to play with only a thumb; spanning the iPhone 5's screen is possible, but it's not quite as easy as it was iphone screen protector uv before, I don't think the extra screen height makes a huge difference in vertical games, unless you're playing something like Tetris, Still, adding a row or two of extra letter tiles in Spelltower or residential floors in Tiny Tower (above) isn't anything to sneeze at, Certain games will find clever ways of taking advantage of an extra-long vertical screen; others will just use it as a way of horning in extra banner ads..

What do I think this means? I expect a lot more iPhone 5 games in landscape mode, taking full advantage of the extra space for virtual buttons or expanded screen view. Graphics, speedThat's just screen size: obviously, the faster A6 processor and graphics soup up the load time and graphic polish on games, too. It's hard to judge how games perform thus far, but titles that seemed to push the limits of the iPhone 4S have no problem whatsoever on the iPhone 5. FIFA 13 is far smoother on the 5. I'm looking forward to the next generation of iPhone games that take further advantage of the graphics possibilities.