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iphone case union

But Legere said the situation between T-Mobile and MetroPCS is entirely different. Both companies are already well on their own separate paths toward migrating their current networks to LTE. Legere explained during the call how combining these companies now as they are each refarming or repurposing their existing spectrum to support LTE will mean that they can combine forces to build a network with much more capacity. Legere emphasized that the focus for the new company is rolling out LTE and not supporting older network technologies, which could cause integration issues.

"The big difference between this merger and the Sprint-Nextel merger is that Nextel's customers saw a iphone case union loss of functionality," he said, "MetroPCS customers will see more functionality, This isn't about smashing two networks together."According to Legere and the other executives on the call, the companies will repurpose the MetroPCS spectrum for LTE and retire the old CDMA network by the end of 2015, This will mean that MetroPCS customers will have to get new handsets, but Legere said the majority of MetroPCS's customers buy new handsets every year, which will make this transition easier, As customers upgrade and the spectrum used for CDMA is converted to LTE, customers will gain access to that network as well as to T-Mobile's HSPA+ and LTE network..

An aggressive T-Mobile strategyThe real benefit of this deal is the large amount of complimentary AWS spectrum it will provide to T-Mobile. After its merger with AT&T fell apart at the end of 2011, T-Mobile got spectrum from AT&T as part of its breakup fee. The company plans to use that spectrum, as well as some of its existing spectrum that it's repurposing, to build its LTE network. The company also struck a deal earlier this summer with Verizon Wireless to get even more AWS spectrum. Verizon was facing regulatory difficulties as it tried to close a deal to acquire AWS spectrum from a consortium of cable companies called SpectrumCo.

The MetroPCS deal will now give T-Mobile roughly 50MHz of wireless spectrum in the AWS band in major cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and San Francisco, This iphone case union will allow the company to build a 20MHz-by-20MHz network, which means it will have 20MHz for download as well as 20MHz for upload, Experts say that this much spectrum is ideal for an LTE deployment because it gives substantial capacity, What this means for consumers is that T-Mobile's LTE network will be faster and will be able to handle more usage..

As a result, Legere said the company will continue to lead the way and differentiate itself from other national carriers by offering unlimited data services. Both AT&T and Verizon Wireless have gotten rid of unlimited data for new customers. But MetroPCS and T-Mobile have each continued to offer unlimited services with some restrictions. Legere didn't elaborate on these plans, but with the increased capacity, it's possible that T-Mobile may be able to offer unlimited with fewer limits or restrictions.