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iphone case reddit

Taiwan is currently suffering through a sluggish economy that could use a jump-start from consumer spending. The government has tried to encourage consumers to buy Taiwanese products, including smartphones from that country's HTC. By seeming to urge consumers to buy an iPhone 5, Hu was criticized for lacking patriotism. In his defense, Hu issued a statement saying that he currently owns the HTC One, adding that the "accusation of my being not patriotic was a misunderstanding."Still, the issue seems to indicate the fierce patriotism that follows certain company products. In tough times, consumers are urged to support those products that will benefit the country. A similar scenario plays out in South Korea, where government officials nearly exclusively own Samsung products and often urge consumers to do the same.

But is that right? As Hu pointed out, "all Cabinet officials can be free from fears of being caught not using HTC phones" in his country, The country's information minister posted a photo of the iPhone 5 on his Facebook account, and under it, put a caption saying, "Help the economy and bolster consumption."Taiwan is up in arms over comments a government iphone case reddit official made on his Facebook account, Hu Yu-wei, Taiwan's information minister, posted a picture of the iPhone 5 on his Facebook account yesterday, along with a caption, saying "Help the economy and bolster consumption," according to the Associated Press, which was first to report on the story, Soon after, Hu was hammered by critics, who said that he wasn't supporting his country..

On sale as of today, Samsung's lab-grown monstrosity is equipped with a palm-destroying 5.5-inch display, a heart-stopping 1.6GHz quad-core processor and a huge 3,100mAh battery. Oh, and a stylus. The Note 2 comes in either 16GB or 32GB flavours, with the option to bump up the storage using a microSD card. Nifty. The software is on the cutting edge too -- this smart phone comes bearing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. If you want to acquire the Note 2, then expect to throw down over £500 -- Amazon lists this monster mobile with a £530 price tag for the 16GB option, although it won't start shipping the Note 2 until 16 October. Boo.

Meanwhile if you want to get the Note 2 on contract without paying anything upfront, expect to shell out at least £30 per month on a 24-month contract, Three is offering the phone for £500 on Pay As You Go plus a top-up, expect other networks' offerings to be similar, Don't spend a single penny until you've iphone case reddit read the definitive CNET UK review, which will be live shortly -- until then sit on your hands and distract yourself by reading our in-depth preview, and observing the hands-on video below..

Are you planning on buying the Note 2? Do you embrace enormo-phones or would you rather stow something a little more compact in your jeans pocket? Fire some thoughts into the comments, or onto our Facebook wall. Brace for impact -- the enormous Galaxy Note 2 is barging onto UK shop shelves. We take a look at the best prices.. Batten down the hatches, grab some tinned food and stay indoors -- the enormous Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has risen from the ocean depths and is stomping its way through Britain.