hard shell slider case for iphone 7

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hard shell slider case for iphone 7

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hard shell slider case for iphone 7

Again Google Voice Actions was less accurate in terms of carrying out our wishes. The command to "Send text message to Jessica Dolcourt" correctly created our sample text in two out of three attempts. The function did, however, transcribe Brian's spoken words into written characters error-free in every instance. Unlike Siri, though, Google's software didn't tell us what it was doing at any stage of the texting process. All we got was a faint alert chime to indicate that the Galaxy Nexus was listening to us. Essentially you have to use the screen, which makes hands-free operation more limited.

3, Set an alarm, Telling the iPhone 4S to set an alarm for us wasn't difficult either, When we said, "Schedule alarm for 6 a.m, tomorrow morning," Siri knew what to do immediately, For some reason, Siri wouldn't comply when we told it to repeat or edit that same alarm, It did delete the alarm when we asked to it to, though, Jelly Bean handled our alarm clock just as well, When we spoke the same phrase, the Galaxy Nexus created a 6 a.m, hard shell slider case for iphone 7 alarm on the first try, We also commanded the phone to cross the alarm out without any trouble by telling it to "Delete this alarm." Voice Actions on the Galaxy Nexus also balked when we tried to tell the device to repeat the alarm only during weekdays, something easily done from within the Android clock menu settings..

4. Get directions. Asking Siri and Google Voice Actions for directions was equally useful. Both Apple's personal assistant and Android Jelly Bean pulled up detailed instructions on how to drive, walk, and take public transportation to a particularly distant New York attraction. Even better, the competing technologies also immediately whisked us to their respective map applications. iOS 6 now matches Android with turn-by-turn driving directions, but its mapping app is sorely lacking in some situations. For instance, iOS 5 maps, which uses Google Maps, easily found The Cloisters (pictured below); Apple's native maps app in iOS 6 did not. While Siri works as well as Google Voice Actions in launching the right app, the quality is still in question.

5, Check the weather, Thanks to flashy TV spots, you've likely heard all about Siri's skill at looking up the weather, We can certainly attest that the Apple assistant flawlessly pulled up the day's forecast, Siri will also display projected weather for the next five days when asked, Google Voice Actions was able to match Siri's prowess in retrieving the weather outlook, Just like the iPhone 4S, our Galaxy Nexus test unit correctly read back both daily and five-day forecasts when we asked it to, We also were treated to spoken confirmation hard shell slider case for iphone 7 that the phone had successfully completed our requests..

6. Play a tune. Tell Siri to play a tune and you'll get it with little hesitation. In fact, we had to work quickly to capture the screenshot before the iPhone 4S opened its music player. Google's Voice Actions app took more coaxing, requiring the command "listen" rather than "play." We liked the option to play in the music player or in YouTube, but it did take a second or two longer to open the app. We also liked being able to cancel the switch to the music player in case you really want the search links instead.