golf r iphone case

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golf r iphone case

Dear Frugal Consumer, Thanks for bringing this up. I have nothing against Sprint. And in fact, I would love to see strong competition in the mobile market. It would be wonderful if consumers didn't even need to consider network coverage or network reliability when deciding which carrier to choose. But the truth is that those things still matter. And as wireless operators transition from 3G to 4G service, these issues will become even more of a deciding factor for potential subscribers. Personally, I'm crossing my fingers that Sprint, T-Mobile and some of the other smaller providers on the market can really give AT&T and Verizon a run for their money.

The reason I didn't consider Sprint for the iPhone 5 is because the carrier is woefully behind AT&T and Verizon in terms of its LTE buildout, Currently, the carrier only offers LTE in 19 golf r iphone case cities, most of which are in Texas, Kansas and Georgia, If you live in those areas and you don't travel much, then Sprint's coverage might be fine, But if you are like me and you don't live in any of these areas and you travel often and even frequent places where Sprint's regular 3G coverage is spotty at best, then Sprint isn't a great choice..

As I have said many times in this column, network coverage is the most important factor that you should look for when considering a wireless operator. Earlier this month, Sprint announced that it will be rolling out LTE in more than 100 cities where it already offers 3G service "in the coming months." Cities included in this list are Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., and cities in Puerto Rico. This is great news. But unfortunately, I don't think it's enough to satisfy my needs.

I live in New York City, which has golf r iphone case historically gotten great Sprint coverage, but I spend a lot of time at my family's house in Delaware, Even though Sprint's coverage map says it offers service in this area and even though it has a retail store just outside of town, the service is terrible in the town where my father lives, I dropped Sprint a long time ago because of these issues, And despite my best efforts to get Sprint executives to do something about the coverage in my favorite little piece of the world, the company hasn't improved its coverage there..

For me, the lack of coverage in a town I visit often is a deal breaker. That said, there are plenty of people who live, work, and visit areas where Sprint has great coverage. And those people should definitely consider Sprint a possible alternative. The reality is that AT&T and Verizon Wireless have the footprint that I need. And I chose Verizon because it is the furthest in its LTE deployment. As I mentioned in my previous article, Verizon covered 230 million potential customers in 337 markets with its LTE network at the end of the second quarter of 2012. This is more than all the other carriers building LTE combined.