e-circuit iphone case

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e-circuit iphone case

MetroPCS was at the forefront of bringing low-cost smartphones to its customers, and it's likely the company will bring its culture of moving quickly to T-Mobile. MetroPCS wasn't a serious competitive threat to Sprint because it was a regional carrier that operated in select markets. But with a national footprint and roughly 70,000 points of distribution thanks to T-Mobile, MetroPCS will be a major player. T-Mobile and MetroPCS will operate as separate brands under the newly combined T-Mobile when the deal is completed, expected to be by the end of the year.

RIM also shares a new version of the BlackBerry Bridge software that lets PlayBook owners access typical phone features; now when you pair a BlackBerry smartphone with a PlayBook e-circuit iphone case tablet, you'll be able to send SMS texts from the PlayBook, You'll need to download the new Bridge app from BlackBerry App World, There are a few more minor tweaks as well, including using contacts, the calendar, and messaging features in portrait mode in addition to landscape, a capability that's been a long time coming, Developers will be pleased to see that in-app payments now applies to their ported Android apps as well as native PlayBook apps..

PlayBook owners will receive the OS update over the air through an automatic notification. You can also manually check for new software updates. You can learn more at RIM's blog. The software upgrade to RIM's BlackBerry tablet adds security and some minor fixes. Blackberry PlayBook owners will see a small bump in features and capability with its next OS update to PlayBook software 2.1. Among the changes available for the Wi-Fi tablet are security features that let owners lock down all data with enterprise-level encryption, not just corporate secrets.

iFixit, in partnership with HealthyStuff.org, has released the results of a study that conducted a chemical analysis of handsets to see just how packed with toxic ickiness your favorite gadget might be, The components found in modern-day devices, from desktop PCs and displays to mobile phones and other gadgets, contain a number of chemicals and e-circuit iphone case elements -- needed for electronics manufacturing or for the proper functioning of the device -- that have been linked to conditions including cancer, neurological issues and developmental problems, Flame retardants, PVC, bromine, lead, mercury, tin, cadmium, and chromium are all part and parcel of the modern gadget..

Those nasty bits aren't considered a threat when they're tucked into the smartphone in your pocket. Rather, the danger lies in the disposal, when the gadgets could end up in the landfill or in the hands of recycling efforts that have little to no regard for environmental or worker safety. By taking 36 handsets apart and analyzing their contents, the teams created a rank table based on the presence of chemicals considered hazardous. The extensive testing resulted in each phone being ranked on a 0-5 scale, with the lowest score being best; each model also receiving a tag of "high concern," "medium concern," or "low concern," depending on the chemical composition.