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ballet slippers melbourne

Ben Platt, a star of the “Pitch Perfect” films who recently made Time magazine’s most influential people in the world list, got a nod as the star of “Dear Evan Hansen,” which centers on a profoundly lonely 17-year-old who fabricates a prior friendship with a classmate who committed suicide. Platt invited his mother to fly to New York and watch the nominations. “I grew up watching the Tonys — devouring the Tonys each year — so just to be named is a surreal experience,” he said. Tonight’s performance of “Dear Evan Hansen,” he predicted, would have an extra bounce. “How could it not?” he joked.

Los Gatos Museums Gallery: This gallery, which represents a collaboration between the Los Gatos Art Museum and local artists, features new works each month, Open Tuesdays-Saturdays, 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Sundays 11 a.m.-3 p.m, 24 N, Santa Cruz Ave., Los Gatos, 408.395.7375 or, Library Programs: Learn about e-books in a workshop offered as part of the weekly computer basics classics series, Feb, 9, 10 a.m, Free, Los Gatos Public Library, 110 E, Main St., Los Gatos, Meditation for a Quiet Mind: The nonprofit Duldzin Dragpa Buddhist Center holds weekly classes in Buddhist meditation and thought, Drop in on any class and learn simple meditation techniques and hear Buddhist advice for a happy, fulfilling life, All are welcome, Wednesdays, 7:30-9 p.m, $10 donation, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Los Gatos, 15980 ballet slippers melbourne Blossom Hill Road, 408.226.0595 or

“We leave behind a bit of ourselves wherever we have been.”  —Edmond Haraucourt, French poet. I settle into my aisle seat, 7C, on my flight from Orlando to Denver. Once airborne, I pop open my laptop and open a Word document of my column in progress. As I get into my zone, a man’s voice pierces my focus. It’s my neighbor in 7B. “Are you Marni Jameson?” he asks. He’s been screen-dropping. “You read my column?” I ask. “No, but my wife does,” he said, “then she makes me.”.

Meditation session, Live life with joy, purpose and confidence, In this session you will learn powerful but simple ballet slippers melbourne breathing techniques to eliminate stress, Do you think meditation is concentration? Meditation is doing nothing … effortlesly … it is de-concentration, The workshop offers an opportunity to learn about the nature of the mind and the keys to deal with stress in everyday life, Two sessions are offered each week, A free session is offered every Wednesday from 6-7 p.m, and 7-8 p.m, Call (408) 946-1468 to confirm your seat..

After pushing this digital boulder up a hill for two weeks, with only 15,000 YouTube views to show for it, it felt as if the rock had rolled back down on all of us. Part of the problem we faced is that anyone seeking a spotlight will find an already packed stage. More than 100 hours of mostly original content is uploaded every minute to YouTube, making any particular snippet of video a mere droplet in a digital ocean. At the same time, there is hope because the audience is so huge. According to digital-metrics trackers at comScore, 189 million Americans watched 49.1 billion online content videos in October, while the number of video ad views totaled 24.5 billion, up from 13.2 billion in March.