ballet flats as comfortable as tieks

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ballet flats as comfortable as tieks

“Valley of the Boom” also explores some lesser-known figures, such as Patty Beron (Hilary Jardine), who created to report on, and promote, the tech industry’s party scene. “I love that Patty became part of our story,” Carnahan said. “She was kind of the Holly Golightly of her time.”. Of all the geeks, visionaries, eccentrics and charlatans who populate “Valley of the Boom,” it’s Fenne who truly stands out, and not just because the role required Zahn to don a fat suit and bushy blond wig.

While “The Four Immigrants” starts out on a surreal note, with panels from the comic book as backdrops and props that are hand-drawn and ballet flats as comfortable as tieks cut out, Kanhg says the tone of the show shifts in the second act to become more realistic, “Henry Kiyama’s book plays a lot with serious and farcical situations,” the playwright says, “The characters go through some pretty grave times, like the 1906 earthquake and anti-Japanese sentiment.”, Kanhg developed his play with TheatreWorks staff over the last year after it was given a staged reading at the company’s New Works Festival last summer, He says this involved incorporating feedback from the cast about what was working and what wasn’t..

Score: 10, 9, 9, 10 = 38/40; combined score of 71/80. Bill and Emma — song: “Sexy and I Know It”. Round 1 — cha cha cha. Bill didn’t show his dancing best in this number, and the judges knew it. Maks said he was a “lot of people’s inspiration,” but that although there were a lot of holes and issues in the routine, it was still a great performance. It was pointed out that Bill is not the judges’ favorite, but is the people’s champion. Len said Bill always tries to bring his best (not this time, Len), Bruno commended him for the pleasure and laughs he brings, and Carrie Ann said, “I’m sitting here, taking points off … but still smiling.”.

On the topic of overnight accommodations, Rawson notes, “We’ve been blown away by how soon hotels have filled up, A lot of folks either from outside or locals who want to enjoy the weekend here have booked their reservations already, The Fairmont has been sold out for a couple of weeks, and places like the Marriott and the Sainte Claire [have also seen an uptick].”, Perhaps fans of this silver-anniversary edition of Summer Fest are coming for highlights like the showcases for two record labels with Bay Area origins: Motéma Music in New York, which focuses on jazz and world tunes, and Stones Throw Records out of Los Angeles, ballet flats as comfortable as tieks specialists in “left of center albums” of the neo soul, hip hop variety..

This year’s season continues with. Aug. 18: Beatles Flashback, tribute to The Beatles. Aug. 25: FUNdamentals, finale cover and dance band. Sept. 24: Pear Festival concert 2-4 p.m. with the Tune Riders. For information, visit Contra Costa Superior Court. As required by California Rules of Court, the Contra Costa Superior Court seeks comments regarding recommended changes or additions to local court rules that will become effective Jan. 1, 2017. The comment period will run through Sept. 9.